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The skin - the largest organ of a human. She is involved in respiration, metabolism and exercise thermoregulation. Moreover, thanks to the skin, we can feel the pain as well as to sense temperature and pressure...

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The pharmaceutical formulation Bupron SR - (Bupropion Hydrochloride) is the most common antidepressant is used to help people quit smoking. We know the pills, antidepressants, where the main active ingredient, it is BUPROPION ...


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Diuretics - are substances that have a diuretic effect, thereby reducing the amount of fluid in the body. These drugs are intended for people suffering from swelling on the background of diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver.


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Rizatriptan - is the active ingredient that is used in medicines for the treatment of migraine (hemicrania). Rizatriptan suppresses seizures and treats the interictal period of migraine.


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Sumatriptan is similar in action to rizatriptanom, but is lighter and slightly pronounced effect. Sumatriptan inhibits the activity of the trigeminal nerve. Sumatriptan is based on serotonin agonists which act selectively on certain serotonin receptors ...