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The skin - the largest organ of a human. She is involved in respiration, metabolism and exercise thermoregulation. Moreover, thanks to the skin, we can feel the pain as well as to sense temperature and pressure. But the main function of the skin - barrier: it is our protection from foreign objects, so it is important that it remains whole and healthy. One of the most common skin diseases is acne. This inflammatory process resulting in skin rash develops various elements. They can be located on the face, chest or back - where concentrated the largest sebaceous glands.
Causes of the disease are not fully understood, but an important role in the occurrence of acne plays a seborrhea (increased sebaceous excretions). Ctradaet immune system, which in turn, leads to abnormal growth of coccal flora (purulent rashes).

Treatment of severe forms of acne

In severe acne purulent rash merge, forming painful knots. In this case the inflammatory process affects large areas of the skin. This acute course of the disease is complicated by the high risk of scarring and poorly treatable by local agents.
In severe acne drug Accutane helps to take a synthetic derivative of vitamin A - isotretinoin. It inhibits the production of sebum and normalizes regenerative function of the skin.

Contraindications while taking Accutane

High activity Accutane has serious adverse reactions, namely teratogenic (causes very severe malformations of the fetus), and the drug is strictly prohibited for pregnant women. In addition the drug is not recommended for the following diseases:

  • - Alcoholism;
  • - liver failure;
  • - Renal failure;
  • - Hepatitis and cirrhosis;
  • - Pancreatitis;
  • - diabetes;
  • - Depression and mental disorders;

Accutane can only appoint a doctor, weighing all the risks and health of the patient. Buy Accutane can be a pharmacy or order online from the online store.

Overdose drug Accutane

The active drug substance - the fat-soluble compound. This means that it tends to become heated in human adipose tissue, and released after a while even after the drug. Therefore, it is strictly necessary to comply with the prescribed dosage. If, however, an overdose has occurred, it is necessary to seek medical advice