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Depression – is a complex mental illness that is characterized by depression, lack of a sense of joy, pessimistic thinking and loss of normal motor activity. It can occur due to strong shocks (loss of job, loss of a loved one, the violence, the acquisition of an illness), – in which case it is called reactive. If depression occurs for no apparent reason, it is called an internal or endogenous.

Methods for treating depression and causes of depression

The best way to get out of the state of depression is to find a really interesting lesson. Unwillingness to change something in your life, too lazy to look at yourself critically, is the main cause of depression.
Yoga – is a difficult choice, it’s not everyone who can decide on moving changes in life. Yoga fundamentally changes the way of life. But most likely this is not a way for lazy people. People prefer to swallow snot, in anticipation of a happy event, than to take their destiny into their own hands. It is easier for a person to drink alcohol or a magic pill than to decide on important changes.

If the cause of depression is stress caused by work, then it all depends on how much you are afraid of losing your job. If this work is well paid, then it’s easier for you to swallow offenses from your bosses than to change jobs. In that case, buy Desyrel without a prescription is really a profitable way.

If the cause of depression is the loss of work, then it is worth more than a day to cry and to look for another job. In the modern world, one should not hesitate with unemployment. While you are depressed, a better job will be given to another applicant.

If the cause of depression was parting with a loved one, then it takes time. After all, the longer and closer the relationship, the more difficult it is to forget about them. Nevertheless, no one else was irreplaceable. Depression causes fear of being left alone. Although, if the person with whom you broke up was an aggressor in a relationship, it’s just heroism to break such a relationship. People who are in a relationship with an aggressive partner prefer to suffer from violence, rather than look for the best couple.

If the cause of depression is an incurable disease – the main thing is to understand what is inevitable, it can not be changed. Get the most out of the remaining time allotted.

If the cause of depression is a lack of money, then most likely it’s laziness. Laziness find work or lower the threshold of needs.
Depression, which is of a short-term nature, does not need treatment. But if you are in a dejected state for more than two weeks, it is worth asking for help from a doctor. Doctors now prescribe a large number of antidepressants. The main thing is to be honest with yourself and a doctor so that he can competently assess your condition and prescribe the right drug.

If depression is not pathological in nature and the doctor prescribes mild antidepressants, such as trazodone, then you need Desyrel.
Among the methods used to treat depression, there are two main methods.

Desyrel – a unique antidepressant

Desyrel – is based on an antidepressant trazodone substance that suppresses anxiety and fear. Unlike most of these drugs does not cause (or causes in very rare cases), reproductive system disorders, insomnia, nervousness or exacerbation of anxiety.
As with any antidepressant, Desyrel in the city pharmacy can not buy or order without prescription.

Use instruction Desyrel

Indications for admission Desyrel

  • Endogenous depression accompanied by anxiety disorders (including depression, age);
  • Depression arising due to external factors (including neurotic form);
  • Organic lesion of the central nervous system, followed by anxiety and depressive states;
  • Depression in the background pain;
  • Depression in patients receiving alcohol;
  • Dependence on benzodiazepines;
  • Disorders in the sexual sphere (lower potency and desire);
  • Insomnia (including that which occurs in patients receiving other antidepressants).

Due to the fact that Desyrel well tolerated and has no anticholinergic side effects (unlike most anti-depressants), it is possible to recommend elderly patients with organic lesions of the nervous system, as well as complex therapy complex diseases of internal organs and systems, complicated by depressive symptoms .

Side-effects in the treatment of drug Desyrel

In most cases, the drug was well tolerated by patients. Very rarely, you may experience unpleasant symptoms such as drowsiness, headaches, insomnia, hypotension (pressure drop), weakness, and fatigue.

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