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buy nolvadex onlineProfile of medicine that studies, diagnoses and implementing practices and prevention in the field of breast called mammalogy. Various diseases of the breast: breast, cyst, fibroadenoma, lactostasis, mastitis, breast cancer and others diagnosed in mammalogy. According to the World Health Organization experts in the world each year are registered more than 800 thousand. New cases of breast cancer. Malignant breast carcinoma can cause death.

Buy Nolvadex online – hormonal agent against tumors, in treatment applied malignant breast cancer, breast carcinoma, metastatic breast cancer and breast cancer recurrence. The active ingredient of the drug Nolvadex – Tamoxifen, which has anti-tumor and anti-estrogenic pharmacological action. Rapidly absorbed in the body and 99% binds to albumin. Metabolized, excreted in the feces, the half-life for tamoxifen – 7 days. The drug has some side effects and the need to monitor the interaction of drugs consumed.

Breast cancer is one of the most studied and studied forms of cancer. Breast cancer may be of hereditary and acquired character. It acquired the reasons breast cancer include: purulent mastitis, diabetes, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, hormonal drugs during menopause and others.

It should be checked every six months in mammalogy and regularly palpate their own breasts for the prevention structures in the mammary glands.
For an independent method of breast examination various methods are used. First, a woman stands in front of a mirror, where it can fully see the upper part of the body. It examines itself and draws attention to the changes in the skin covering the breast – swelling, redness, change in the structure. Then, the woman feels mammary gland fingertips, trying to find education or painful areas. It should palpate the entire breast surface, starting at the top of the outer part, often beginning near the axilla. Feels recommend standing up and lying down. Next, the woman gently squeezes the nipple to make sure there are no selections.
Women who menstruate recommend to perform self breast examination in the same phase of the cycle – usually immediately after menstruation due to the normal cyclical changes in the structure of the mammary glands.

Any new growth must be punctured to check for cancer cells. The most accurate diagnosis comes as a result of trephine biopsy under ultrasound guidance. Women of any age with established disease of the breast shows a mammogram with the aim of differential diagnosis using ultrasound, pathology techniques, including interventional radiology.

Nolvadex without a prescription

The main methods of treatment for breast cancer include surgery (mastectomy, lumpectomy), radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy.
To medical treatment include drug Nolvadex, which is included in the vital and essential drugs. Combining with present on tumor cells hormone receptors, it inhibits the action of oestrogens. Side effects are rare; These include: flushing, tumor pain and hypercalcemia.

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