Causes of acne, blackheads

Human skin works in a modern environment as a filter that takes the action of external factors (ultraviolet, contaminated air, cosmetics, dirty water). At the exit, the human skin shows how severely the internal organs are affected. Appears acne, unhealthy complexion. Let’s try to get a glimpse of a person and understand why our skin is suffering from acne and acne? What are the causes of acne? Let’s try to understand what kind of acne, what drug is better to choose or maybe just eat diet products to improve the skin condition of the face and body!


So our body is created to adapt to external conditions. Over the centuries, organic resistance to external stimuli is formed for a generation to prepare the future generation for these stimuli. In addition, our body is ready to adapt to travel and travel. The environment, however, is able to affect the body through bad air, dirty drinking water and decorative cosmetics that women use.


What does the human skin consist of?

Infection, dirt or cosmetics, get into the pores. It clogs the sweat glands, causing constipation and suppuration. These are external stimuli.

Also, hormonal background is the cause of acne on the skin of the face and body. At puberty, young people often face the problem of acne. This is due to puberty – the process of change in the body of adolescents, which causes them to grow up and be able to conceive. During adolescence there are a number of changes in the body and psyche of a young person. Girls and boys are subject to changes in the body and, under the influence of androgens in boys and girls, hair growth is observed in the underarm areas.

Androgens also increase fat secretion by the skin’s sebaceous glands and this contributes to the increased growth of bacteria and the onset of acne.

Useful during puberty eases the body and an active lifestyle. Positive results are given bay Accutane and Retin A. However, young people should follow the instructions of these medications to avoid unwanted side effects.

If acne started to appear after puberty, then most likely – it’s the wrong hygiene or the use of medications. Dirty water and the lack of fresh air are also the cause of the onset of acne. In the human body, any toxin that enters the body is first absorbed into the body and then exits through ficules, urine and sweat glands. Being in a harmful environment for a long time results in a number of illnesses.

We must not forget that the skin acts as a filter and requires favorable conditions.

Clothes made of synthetic or cheap fabrics can not only cause irritation, but also clog the sebaceous glands. It is especially important to observe the hygiene of the body. But even frequent washing of the body can be harmful as a natural layer is washed off the body, protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the environment. Especially careful are hygiene products (antibacterial soap, shower gel, sea salt, body masks, scrubs).

Scrubs – Not only remove dirt from the face and body, but also important for the body protection barriers that help to keep harmful microorganisms. And now, after all the hygienic procedures, you risk causing the skin even more problems.

Caution should also apply cosmetic cream (day cream, night cream). Because not properly selected cream, the pores of the skin can clog and cause infections.

It can be summarized that a pledge of pure skin is a minimal layer of decorative cosmetics and maximum stay in the fresh air.
Very useful for facial skin, for people of all ages – there is contrast wash. First moderately hot water and then cold and repeat several times.

We hope this article helped you understand why there are pimples on the face and body, and also it became informative to find out where you can buy the drug from acne and acne is available and without a prescription. As far as diet is concerned, it is very effective in every way. The use of a diet for the whole body, not just for the skin. Accutane, or isotretinoin otc, is one of the most powerful and effective methods of treating severe acne


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